OSPE meets with government regularly to keep the critical work and expertise of engineers top of mind. The Society drafts timely submissions to ensure engineers’ key concerns and suggestions are recognized and discussed in the appropriate forums. Select one of OSPE’s submissions below to learn more about the respective topic.


Letter in Response to Ontario’s Northern Multimodal Transportation Strategy

Letter in Response to Ontario’s Construction Lien Act (CLA) Review Report

OSPE's Submission to the 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan


Northern Ontario Multimodal Transportation Strategy Phase 1 Report: The Northern Ontario Context: Implications and Considerations for Strategy

Open Letter to Mayor John Tory and Toronto City Council (Downtown Relief Line)

Letter to Premier Wynne on Ontario's Climate Action Plan
     •  Response from the Premier's Office
     •  Reply to Premier Wynne

Preliminary Findings from Excess Soils Survey

Submission to the Premier's Highly Skilled Workforce Strategy Expert Panel

Preliminary Findings from Excess Soils Survey

Submission to the Gender Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee on Closing the Gender Wage Gap

Feedback on Bill 161, Elimination of Ground Current Pollution Act, 2016

Feedback on Bill 135, Energy Statute Law Amendment Act, 2016

Congratulations letter to Lorne Coe, MPP Whitby-Oshawa

Pre-Budget Submission to Finance Minister Hon. Charles Sousa

Letter to Premier Wynne on Ontario’s Highly Skilled Workforce Strategy

Letter to the Prime Minister about the Future of 24 Sussex Drive



Submission on Ontario’s 2015 Climate Change Discussion Paper

Pre-Budget Submission to Government of Ontario, Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs



Submission on Reducing Coal Use in Energy-Intensive Industries (Regulation Notice EBR 012-1559)

Submission on Seizing Canada's Moment: Moving Forward in Science, Technology and Innovation



Submission on Ontario's Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act, 2012

Submission on Conservation First: A Renewed Vision for Conservation in Ontario (Policy Proposal Notice EBR 011-9614)

Comments on the Regional Planning and Siting in Ontario Discussion Guide

Submission on Reviewing Ontario's Long Term Energy Plan (Policy Proposal Notice EBR 001-9490)



Submission on Incentive Rate Making Options for Ontario Power Generation's Prescribed Generation Assets (EB-2012-0340)

Submission on Northern Ontario's Multimodal Transportation Strategy (Policy Proposal Notice EBR 011-5947)

Submission on Changes to Waste Diversion Ontario's Governance Structure (Regulation Proposal Notice EBR 011-3966)

Submission on the Review of Federal Support to R&D

Submission on the Guide to Applying for Environmental Compliance Approval (Policy Proposal Notice EBR 011-5022) 



Submission on Building Together: Jobs & Prosperity for Ontarioans

Submission on Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program Two Year Review

Submission on Nuclear's Impact on Ontario's Grid Blackout Restoration

Submission on the Restructuring of AECL and the Effects on Industry

Comments on the Independent Review Panel on Federal R&D Programs

Submission on Time of Use Rates for Smart Metres

Submission on Ontario's Electrical Grid and Project Requirements for Nuclear Plants