Engineers are essential to the development of infrastructure that is safe, reliable and affordable

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers - Infrastructure


Spending on transit, transportation, hospitals and other public infrastructure is a valuable investment, not simply a big-ticket expense. According to the Conference Board of Canada, for each dollar of real infrastructure spending, $1.11 is added to Ontario's GDP. Besides creating opportunities for engineering firms and jobs for engineers, high quality infrastructure drives Ontario's economy. Today, Ontario faces a major infrastructure deficit which, if not addressed, will cost the economy. 

Our Goal

OSPE supports the government of Ontario's $130 billion in infrastructure investment to fund roads, bridges, transportation, transit, health centres and educational institutions. This investment is critical to build the economy and create a more livable province. OSPE urges the government to adopt innovative techniques and systems for infrastructure planning and development, many of which are made in Ontario. By doing so, Ontario can effectively prioritize critical renewal and expansion investments and maximize the lifecycle and value of new and existing infrastructure.

Our Work

OSPE strives to identify opportunities that strengthen Ontario's design and construction systems and promote engineers as essential contributors to the development of infrastructure. We are regularly invited to meet with municipal and provincial officials to discuss infrastructure issues. As part of the Construction and Design Alliance of Ontario (CDAO), OSPE actively lobbies government to continue investments in infrastructure and streamline procurement processes for Infrastructure Ontario projects.

In June 2015, along with Professional Engineers Ontario and Consulting Engineers Ontario, OSPE successfully lobbied for the inclusion of engineers in Bill 6, The Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015. The original bill singled out architects as the critical profession needed to design infrastructure, while remaining silent on the role of engineers. The inclusion of engineers ensures that the profession is recognized as a critical component in the design of Ontario’s future.