Engineering Labour Market

Addressing the crisis in Ontario's engineering labour market

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers - Engineering Labour Market


OSPE's 2015 research found that over 33% of engineering degree holders are working in jobs that do not necessarily require a university degree – a condition that OSPE defines as "undermployment" and a lost opportunity for industry and the Ontario economy. Further, our 2014 research found that there are asymmetries or misalignments between the recruitment processes of employers and the job search practices of internationally trained engineers.

Our Goal

OSPE wants to create more job opportunities for engineers. Government and industry need to provide more incentives for training to students, new graduates, newcomers and/or seasoned professionals seeking employment. Universities need to evaluate their programs to ensure students graduate with the skills that industry needs. 

Our Work

OSPE investigates labour market trends to identify possible ways to reduce underemployment amongst Ontario's engineers and to help underemployed engineers and recent graduates find jobs in their field.