Ontario needs a reliable, environmentally responsible and affordable energy supply

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers - Energy


Ontario needs a plan to ensure electricity is supplied at competitive rates and with minimum impact on the environment. Currently, Ontario consumers pay peak rates for base load energy consumption during the day, even if that consumption does not contribute to peak load demand. Further, the current time-of-use pricing scheme does not provide sufficient incentives for consumers to adopt a flat energy use profile and typical energy demand fluctuates over the day. In Ontario, gas generation is the main source that is used to meet peaks in energy demand. However, gas generation results in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Our Goal

OSPE has developed a voluntary smart electricity price plan. This plan provides savings of up to 50% in energy costs for consumers willing to invest in smart energy technology to control energy use and achieve a flatter energy demand.  

Our Work

OSPE has discussed the electricity price plan with government officials and policy makers at the Ministry of Energy. OSPE also secured a major hydro company to conduct a pilot project based on our plan upon approval from the ministry.