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Whether you’re creating mobility devices, developing technology for smart infrastructure, engaging youth in the profession, or manufacturing stem cell therapies, you have an integral role to play in guiding how the world works. As a member of the engineering community, you’re part of a dedicated group that creates solutions for society every day. When you join OSPE you’re instantly connected with an impressive network of like-minded people who understand the value we bring to the field.

From mentorship, to career guidance, advocacy and networking, we’re here to support you, so you can change the world.


Anselm Viswasam

“Canadian engineers are some of the best in the world and OSPE is doing a great job promoting who we are and what we are doing.”

- Anselm Viswasam, P.Eng.

Here’s how we’ve got your back:


As dedicated advocates for the profession, we work with governments and legislators to create policy changes that affect engineering. OSPE communicates the value engineers bring to the table with a strong and proud voice. We build the public’s understanding of engineering through partnerships with media, industry and professional organizations.


You belong here. Membership provides access to networking events, mentoring programs, and volunteer opportunities that foster meaningful professional relationships. Through OSPE, you become a part of a collaborative and creative community.  Get connected now to discover everything we have to offer.


Our membership is as diverse as it is passionate. From new graduates to seasoned professionals, diverse thought and opinion are championed at OSPE. In a field that is constantly evolving and adapting, our members are at the forefront of innovation and change. We’re always looking for new perspectives and ideas. We’d love to hear yours.


Becoming an OSPE member should be part of your career path. We prepare members as they transition throughout their professional development. Our employment events, courses, training and coaching, provide our members with valuable insights and allow them to make vital connections. Discover new opportunities to reach your full potential.

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