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About the OSPE Mentorship Program

Originally funded by Status of Women Canada (SWC), the 18-month Pilot Mentorship Program was designed to increase the retention and advancement of women in engineering. Now a permanent program, OSPE mentors will continue to provide mentees with critical support along their licensure and career journeys.

Since 2016, OSPE’s mentorship program has connected more than 100 recent engineering graduates with experienced professional engineers across Ontario.

What is a mentor?

Mentors in OSPE’s program provide recent engineering graduates with support in four key areas, namely licensure, career planning, entrepreneurship and networking, both virtually and face-to-face.

What is a mentee?

Mentees in OSPE’s program are eager to learn and to advance their careers, openly seeking and embracing feedback from their mentors. Mentees identify personal learning goals and measures of success for the mentoring relationship.

Interested in joining the program?

OSPE uses MentorCity, an online platform to connect you to meaningful mentoring relationships.

To sign up as a mentee, please email 
To sign up as a mentor, please register on OSPE’s Ambassador Program
"Being a mentor gave me the opportunity to make an impact in someone’s life. It gave me a whole different perspective on my own job. Mentoring is a great way to understand the younger generation’s issues and needs, while keeping you young."

- Marie-Eve Charest Belzile, P. Eng., MBA, PMP
"I believe everyone has the power to be a mentor and mentee because there is always something to share and something to learn. I personally benefited from OSPE's mentorship program because it took things to not just a technical level but also to a personal and more direct approach of learning what to expect when starting your engineering career. Having a mentor who has great insight to share and give me a head start is what I needed and is what we all need to keep advancing..."

- Vanessa Takim-Ndifon, EIT

Program Partners

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Contributing Partners

Ontario Network of Women in Engineering, Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), PEO York Chapter, and The Canadian Centre for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology.

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