Women's Mentorship Program

Learn from an experienced engineer

Engineering Women's Mentorship Program

Who can be a protégée?

Females who are members of OSPE and who are recent engineering graduates in the early stages of their professional career.

Who are the mentors?

Females or males in the engineering profession who:

  • Are good listeners
  • Have a solid understanding of the engineering profession
  • Are interested and enthusiastic about helping aspiring female engineers succeed in their careers

What's involved in a mentoring relationship?

Mentors and protégées interested in participating in the program will complete an online application and a short online orientation session to the program. If accepted into the program, mentors and protégées will be required to build a portfolio within OSPE's online mentorship platform. During the pilot phase of the project, mentors and protégées will be matched based on their areas of interest and engineering experience. Once matched, mentors and protégées will be invited to establish an online mentoring relationship, flexible to their particular preferences. The program expects a commitment of two hours per month for a minimum six month period.

Please note:
Mentors are not intended to find or provide protégées with employment opportunities. Protégées selected to participate in this program should not be making this request of their mentors.

The mentorship program is currently at capacity and is not accepting new applications at this time.