The Voice of the Engineering Profession in Ontario

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is the voice of the engineering profession in Ontario. We represent the entire engineering community, including professional engineers, engineering graduates and students who work or will work in several of the most strategic sectors of Ontario’s economy.

OSPE elevates the profile of the profession by advocating with governments, offering valued member services and providing opportunities for ongoing learning, networking and community building. We were formed in 2000 after members of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) voted to separate regulatory and advocacy functions into two distinct organizations.

OSPE Values – a series of beliefs that guide OSPE culture, unite our staff and define our brand:

  1. We believe that engineers have an obligation of leadership
    1. Engineers are trained to think differently and have an obligation to use this profound knowledge
    2. Engineers need to be bold, courageous and take initiative to start important conversations on the tough issues

  2. We solve problems through collaboration and are focused on producing positive solutions
    1. We have a positive mindset – we are here to make a difference b. We embrace curiosity and different perspectives on the tough issues
    2. We ask the right questions

  3. We fully embrace equity, diversity and inclusion in all that we do. We believe that we can have a larger impact by embracing all aspects of diversity, including gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and engineering background. We believe that our organization can accelerate the emergence of a more diverse engineering workforce by embodying and exemplifying diversity in all that we do.
    1. Gender parity – while we realize that the 30 by 30 goal is a stepping stone, we support and embrace gender parity in all materials, communications, awards and activities
    2. Inclusion – we seek to build a fully inclusive and equitable engineering community
    3. Board composition – we embrace all elements of diversity, including factors like geographic location, ethnicity, specialty and age
    4. We recognize that diversity of technical ability and area of specialty or discipline, is important for developing sound policy solutions. We avoid a focus on one area of engineering (i.e. civil)
    5. Diversity will result in a better engineering profession

  4. We are guided by factual evidence
    1. Nonpartisan – we let the facts speak for themselves
    2. We respect the views of others – the basis of any agreement/disagreement is grounded in fact

Download 'OSPE Values' document here


As a strong, progressive organization, OSPE supports, represents, and advances the engineering community’s professional and economic interests while promoting engineering excellence for the benefit of the public.


Our vision is to be the voice of Ontario’s engineers that champions the interests of the province’s engineering community.


We represent the entire engineering community in Ontario, including professional engineers licensed in Ontario, engineering graduates, interns and students.