What is How to Change the World (HtCtW)?

Come discover how your expertise can contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals!

HtCtW is an experiential education program that prepares participants to bring their expertise to bear on complex societal challenges (aka. real-world, ‘wicked’ problems). In partnership with OSPE, the HtCtW program builds upon the UN Sustainable Development Goals to enable participants to understand the local through global applicability of their learning experience.

Developed as a capstone course of accredited engineering and management degrees at University College London, HtCtW is grounded in world-leading problem-based learning pedagogies. Working in diverse, interdisciplinary teams, participants are guided through carefully designed processes that enable them to effectively, creatively and collaboratively tackle complex, real-world challenges. This type of experiential learning enables participants to internalize the skills and knowledge at the heart of HtCtW.

Who should participate?

Early Career Professionals

For HtCtW @ OSPE, early-career professionals will be in teams with advanced business and engineering undergraduate and graduate students. This creates a unique opportunity for talent identification and recruitment by participating organizations.


For HtCtW @ OSPE, students will be in teams with early-career engineering, business and policy professionals, creating significant networking and career development benefit for the students (in addition to the educational experience).